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The Accountant 2016 Film
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Movie Positives

The movie plot is intensely magnified by the addition of the high-functioning autistic element which drives the movie beyond what would have been just an average action drama without it. It’s not only his genius for numbers but also his love for “incongruity”, that makes the character, Christian Wolff (Ben Affleck), profoundly unforgettable in an innocent way, even when he has a gun in hand.

  1. Exceptional Character development in both the main cast and supporting cast.
  2. Some unexpected laugh-out-loud scenes
  3. A hidden Motor-home stashed full of valuables (I really wish I had one).
  4. The action scenes are well spaced with enough time in between to form a history of the main autistic character, Christian Wolff.

Movie Negatives

The shoot out scene defies logic.

  1. A slight twist reveals something bordering on the unbelievable.
  2. Not enough revealed about his book-cooking accounting career for illicit and unsavory criminal types.
  3. A few areas of Christian Wolff’s life are too vague…but may keep the avenue of a sequel open.

Film Credits

Release Date:  October 14, 2016

Rating:  R

Length:  128 minutes

Producer:  |
Production Studios: 

Country:  United States
Budget:  $44 million
Box office:  $155.2 million

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  1. Very entertaining with an added twist of high functioning autism for the main character. I hope they have a sequel to define further Christian’s occupation.

  2. It was really good. I seek out the action packed films. This one was not as packed like John Wick, but it was still good.

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